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He’s been maybe the best bowler – Ian Bishop

Jasprit Bumrah has been maybe the best bowler - Ian Bishop

Jasprit Bumrah has been an asset for the Indian cricket team led by Virat Kohli thus far. The World Cup till has witnessed many magical spells from Bumrah that resulted in wins for India. Especially when it comes to death bowling, Bumrah’s incredibility is regarded highly by everyone in the cricket world.

Why is Bumrah special?

Ian Bishop isn’t an exception. While asked by ICC about the specialty of Bumrah he explained how unusual the Indian bowler is. Bishop said that in case of Bumrah deliveries become deceptive for the batters as they fail to understand where the speed is coming from. “Most fast-bowling scientists – not that I’m one of them – say that your ball speed is 60% run-up and the pace of it – but his is an ambling one and the ball comes at 140kph and higher.” Bishop went on to explain Bumrah’s action which results in such deadly bowling. He added, “He (Bumrah) releases the ball slightly inside the perpendicular, at his highest point, and his bowling arm comes down between his leg rather than past his left hip.”

Death overs take the best out of India’s most terrible weapon, Jasprit Bumrah. And according to Ian Bishop, it is not his yorkers that do the unbelievable. While explaining the same he mentioned about the legendary Sri Lankan Lasith Malinga. Bishop analysed, “At the death, he mixes up his length and pace. Yorkers are very hard. Even Lasith Malinga, who can deliver them more often than anyone, sometimes misses them. Lasith does it with a low arm, where Bumrah’s is very high.”

Wickets are not everything

Bishop applauded about Bumrah’s ability of handling the new ball as well. Jasprit Bumrah, in a nutshell, is that key performer Virat Kohli needs to win the Cup. The world-class pacers have not been the most number of the wicket-takers since ever. So Ian Bishop doesn’t see it a problem for Bumrah as well. He said, “He’s been maybe the best bowler. The wickets don’t show how valuable he has been. The likes of Starc have more, but Bumrah’s been brilliant.” His consistency of delivering according to the requirement, maintaining an economy rate of 4.48 is what makes him special.

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