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Cricadium is dedicated to give the best experience to our readers when it comes to the most loved game, cricket. With cricket lovers, the best part is that they like to get every update at one click- Live cricket score ball by ball commentary, analysis, prediction, information. This clearly defines their love for the game. Cricaidum aims to serve the passion and love for cricket. Cricadium is one such platform where a team of cricket fans and experts working whole day so that our readers get the best experience.

What is Live Cricket Score?

Cricadium comes up with a feature called Live Cricket Score ball by ball commentary. This is not a very common feature available on every website. Live Cricket Score page comes up with fastest scorecard update of ongoing matches. This feature helps fans check updated scores without watching the live match when they are on wheels. The Live Cricket Score ball by ball commentary page of Cricadium is very fast and gets loaded in seconds. The automatically refreshed Live Score ensures our readers miss nothing.

What’s unique?

There are number of international, domestic cricket matches are being played across the globe daily. Cricadium caters to the passion of every cricket fan and hence we come up with the Live Cricket Score feature for all such matches. Be it an international one-day game, or a T20 league match, Cricaidum gives you update on all matches. Cricadium deals with cricket, and so missing a single cricket match is never an option to us. We don’t choose, we share Live Cricket Score updates for every cricket match being played on a day. The Live Cricket Score page also comes with a brief information about each cricket page. When you check a score card of one match, you get to know every detail in brief.

Features of Live Cricket Score

Cricadium is one such website that believes in providing user the best experience. Hence, the Live Score Page for each cricket match shares information about toss, squads, and head to head statistics. Timing, venue, and telecast details of the fixture are also provided. This clearly means the users get all possible details regarding a match on Live Cricket Score page and does not have to look for it anywhere else.
Our offerings on Live Cricket Page are specifically considering the busy lifestyle of cricket fans. The followings are the features Crciadium offers with Live Cricket Score.

Match Date & Venue Details

As mentioned above, giving you a brief update in nutshell on every ongoing cricket is what our intention behind creating this Live Cricket Score page on Cricadium. The venue details are added here along with stadium name. This is an easy access to know who is playing who at which ground. Every cricket fan is a cricket analytic- from the ground details, isn’t it easy to get an idea of the track too? The cricket freaks start analysing at once whether the team selection is right or wrong and our ball by ball commentary helps you then analyse those thoughts more.

Zone Specific Timings

This is important. Once you know the venue, you understand when you can watch live from your time zone. We still are here to help you out with specific details. Out timings include date and two time-zone specific timings. One is the original venue timing i.e when the game is going to start at the venue based on the host country’s timing. Another is the IST time- Indian Standard Timing of the beginning of a cricket match. These features on Live Cricket Score page make live a cricket fan way easier- you know when to set your alarm next day during the tournament.

Toss Updates

Cricadium shares information about toss for each match in detail. We provide the toss timing first whilst creating the specific match based Live Cricket Score section. We provide two zone timings- venue and Indian Standard Time (IST). This is to help a cricket fan understand easily and plan his/her day accordingly. There are fans who do not like to miss even one ball. This segment is definitely catered to their needs- generally first ball of a match is bowled after 30 minutes from toss and so toss timing works as the final bell for the ones who want to follow the match from the beginning.

Follow Cricadium, save your fantasy team

Oh, did we mention fantasy? This information on Live Cricket Score page is considered to be helpful for Cricket Fantasy players as well. Teams reveal their playing XIs after toss, which means you are ready for the last-minute changes.

Final team squads

After the toss section comes the squads section. Here, Cricadium shares the full sqauds of both teams playing that day. Then it shares the playing XI revealed by both captains at the toss. This section does help you keep updated about your team eleven information. For fantasy lovers again, it works as one stop solution. You get the first hand and fastest information about playing XIs of teams here immediately after the toss. Accordingly, it gets easier to make your final fantasy team.

Test match lovers, follow Cricadium

In case of Test matches, there is no updated information on this section during the five days of a Test match for obvious reason. But the squads are shared everyday even for Test matches on Cricadium Live Cricket Score page. In hectic schedule, even if you miss to keep yourself regularly update during Test matches, we ensure you do not miss anything about your favourite team.


This is, in all likelihood, the most interesting and exclusive part of this page. On Live Cricket Score, it is generally about today’s scorecards. But, on Cricadium Live Cricket Score, you get more. A lot more! The head-to-head section on Live Cricket Score gives you a brief statistical summary. It helps you get an idea how your favourite team might do against a particular opposition. A team could be perfect on paper but the real test is taken on the 22yards. Head-to-head segment can thus surprise you anytime when you realize the less perfect team has an edge when it comes to numbers. Live Cricket Score pages rarely come with such brief statistics. But cricket is all about numbers, and Cricadium is about cricket. How do we miss?

Ball by ball commentary

We all love cricket commentary. Commentary gives an insight to each ball delivered or each shot attempted. The experts at the commentary box make the cricket viewing experience more exciting. But what if you do not have a tv in front of you or your car does not have a radio? Cricadium is here at your service. We provide ball by ball commentary which means you can miss nothing. Moreover, ball by ball commentary is available on the Live Cricket Score page only. This means you do not have to look elsewhere or search for it any other section of the website. You get everything related to live match on one Crciadium page- Live Cricket Score.

Real-time analysis

Our team of experts are divided into two groups. One group gives instant updates, the other one helps with analysis. Two groups come together to make the ball by ball commentary section as analytical as possible. The experts provide every possible statistic with every ball bowled or every boundary hit. Mahendra Singh Dhoni becomes the most successful IPL wicket-keeper, Virat Kohli hits 9000 T20 runs, Jasprit Bumrah delivers a special spell- you get everything here during the match, live! They achieve something on field, miss an easy catch, go for a good shot- everything is our Live Cricket Page in no time! When they wait for third umpire decision on the ground, we give you a brief analysis from all perspectives that go behind an umpire’s call. And, guess what, we mostly end up giving you the correct prediction regarding the umpire’s call.

There’s some issue in the middle, players are not okay with the decision taken by field umpires- why? Get to know about it on Cricadium Live Cricket Score updates. Why do you think your favourite batsman is coming down the order? Is there some injury concern? – Stay tunes on Live Cricket Score page for all cricket match updates. The Ball by ball commentary section is specifically designed for cricket lovers who like to stay connected with the game even when they are in office or busy in a family gathering. Cricket cannot be missed, right? Don’t worry, Crcadium Live Cricket Score page would not let you.

Fast Live Cricket Score

Lastly, Cricaidum provides the fastest Live Cricket Scores. Within seconds of a ball being bowled our scorecards are updated. Besides, our experts put ball by ball commentary section updated with every second of the match. We do not compromise with timing, and that’s why Cricadium can claim for the fastest Live Cricket Score feature. The scorecards are automatically updated and you can see that on your screen. Live Cricket Score page does not require you to click refresh button every time. But Cricadium makes sure you do not miss anything. Hence, the auto-refresh feature has been added to the section. Our technical team is 24/7 awake to provide you with the fasted Live Cricket Score across the cricket world. The aim is to make your cricket experience the most engaging, fastest, and hassle-free.