Dwayne Bravo Speak Out Against West Indies Selectors over Darren Bravo’s Omission

Dwayne Bravo Criticizes West Indies Selectors After Darren Bravo's Exclusion from ODI Squad.
Dwayne Bravo Criticizes West Indies Selectors After Darren Bravo's Exclusion from ODI Squad. Image Source: Dwayne Bravo Social

In a social media outburst, former West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo criticized the selection process of the West Indies cricket team, expressing his disappointment with the exclusion of his brother, Darren Bravo, from the ODI squad set to face England.

Dwayne Bravo’s Social Media Post

“When will the BS [sic] stop?! I’m not surprised by my brother’s non-selection, but with the recent changes in WI cricket management, I held onto a bit of hope for the better. This is NOT acceptable, and I just can’t make sense of it! So here are my burning questions: What’s the criteria for West Indies team selection? Surely, it can’t be solely based on performance?”

Dwayne Bravo accused the selection panel of mistreatment, disrespect, and dishonesty towards players, urging a change in the system’s approach to player management.

“I usually stay away from these discussions, but the mistreatment, disrespect, and dishonesty towards players over the years demand a voice. When will it stop? To Mr. Desmond Haynes, your statement didn’t surprise me. It feels like another former player singing for his supper. I hoped for trust in the system with figures like you, Sammy, and the new director of cricket, but the system failed again. To my brother, this too shall pass. Keep your head up, stay focused, and trust in the Almighty.”, Bravo further added. 

Selector’s Defense and Decision

West Indies’ lead selector, Desmond Haynes, responded to the criticism, defending the decision to exclude Darren Bravo. Haynes acknowledged the tough call but emphasized the need to provide opportunities to younger players, with an eye on the 2027 ODI World Cup.

“Darren has proven, not only this year but last year as well in the Super50 tournament, to be somebody who has performed well at this level. But we have invested in players like Alick Athanaze and Keacy Carty. We believe that we have invested in these players, and we need to give the opportunity to play against a very strong England side. That is the reason why Darren has been omitted,” stated Haynes.

Selectors’ Perspective on Kjorn Ottley’s Inclusion

While Darren Bravo was excluded, 33-year-old Kjorn Ottley, picked for the first time since 2021, was included as a backup opener. Haynes explained Ottley’s selection, saying, *”You got to look at the roles that you want the player to play. Kjorn Ottley was included in the team as we had an injury to Justin Greaves. We thought we wanted somebody to bat up front, and that’s the reason why Ottley got picked.”*

The lead selector also stressed the importance of investing in young players like Athanaze and Carty, highlighting the need for a strategic approach to player development.

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