Watch: An English cricketer Laurie Evans bats like Guran from Lagaan

Laurie Evans
Laurie Evans

The advent of T20s has brought in several innovations in the game of cricket as the batsmen have found several new ways of scoring runs. An inventive shot was played by an English cricketer Laurie Evans while batting for Sussex in a NatWest T20 Blast game.

When the bowler was about to deliver, he changed his stances and stood front on facing the umpire with the bat in front and the bat-face pointing upwards. Then he guided the ball over the third man by using the pace of the ball that traveled to the boundary. It reminded of a famous scene from Indian Cinema.

A hugely popular Bollywood movie ‘Lagaan’ starring superstar Aamir Khan was released in the year 2001 which showcased Indian farmers fighting for survival as they had to pay taxes every year. There was no rain one year and so there were no crops and they didn’t have money to pay the taxes.

The farmers then got involved in a bet with the English Government over a game of cricket. If they won, they would be free from taxes for the next 3 years that followed and if they lost, they were to pay thrice the taxes in the same year.

The whole scenario was beautifully picturized where the Indians went on to win the match and freed themselves from the taxes. Where the lead actor Aamir Khan was the star of the match, another character Guran also became quite famous because of his unique style of batting.

He used to bat with a front on stances with the bat ahead of him similar to what Laurie Evans did recently. The only difference was that Guran hit the ball twice with the bat which was later overruled by the umpires.

Watch Laurie Evans bat like Guran

Here’s the video of Guran’s batting from Lagaan

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