When Aamir Khan wasn’t allowed to enter Sourav Ganguly’s house

The former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly is hugely popular amongst the fans, especially in his hometown, Kolkata. Where Sachin Tendulkar has a God-like stature in the country, Ganguly is literally worshiped by the people of the capital city of West Bengal.

There are a lot of fans that want to meet him every day and so his house remains under a heavy security. If you are not invited by Dada, you don’t get an entry into his house. One such incident happened with Aamir Khan a few years ago.

The story

It was in the year 2009 when the Bollywood superstar was promoting his film and was roaming around in a different get-up. He went on the roads of Kolkata asking people for the path to the house of Ganguly. Once he reached there, he asked the security guards about the Indian cricketer.

The guards denied him the entry as they couldn’t recognize him and told that Dada wasn’t in the house. Aamir tried to convince them that he was a fan of Ganguly and wanted to meet and take a photo with him. But the guards told him that Ganguly wasn’t in the house and had gone to play a match.

The actor decided to wait until Ganguly returned and met him later in his original look. He went on to meet the guards and when they recognized Aamir, they were amazed. He had a good laugh with him and then, the Prince of Kolkata invited him inside the house. Ganguly and Aamir then had a dinner together, joined by Kiran Rao, the wife of the actor.

It was another example of Aamir’s perfection as he presented himself in such a way that no one recognized him. He has been an ardent follower of Indian cricket and has been present in the stadiums on several occasions. His most notable presence was in the final of the 2011 ODI World Cup at the Wankhede Stadium between India and Sri Lanka where he was seen waving the Indian flag and cheering the players.


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