MS Dhoni playing with heavier pads against Sri Lanka

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni

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After playing for close to 13 years of international cricket for India, the wicketkeeper MS Dhoni has opted for a change. MS Dhoni playing with heavier pads against Sri Lanka. In the ongoing ODI series against Sri Lanka, he was seen wearing the heavy pads while batting. He used to wear the bulky broad striped Morrant pads which the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag used to sport.

Now, MS Dhoni has opted to bat with the modern day conventional pads which are heavier than the Morrant pads. According to data, the standard weight of Morrant pads is approximately around 450g per pad whereas the conventional ones weigh around 850g.

“I can’t comment on why Dhoni has switched pads at this time but our representative in India will no doubt speak with him in due course. The unique two strap design was developed so the top strap sits comfortably on the calf. Conventional pads are generally constructed with cane rods as the core of the protection surrounded by either cotton fibres or HD foam or a combination of the two,” explained the executive at Morrant Group Ltd, Sunil Jajodia, as quoted by Kashmir Times.

“The shape of such pads is achieved through stitching patterns and the shape around the leg is maintained by the conventional three strap system around the ankle, calf and knee. Approx weight of a top of the range conventional batting pad would be around 850-950g per pad (standard men’s size). Morrant International Ultralite batting pads are constructed using a unique lightweight anti bounce foam with brushed nylon facing,” he added.

“The two straps are designed to sit comfortably around the ankle and top of the calf muscle.The key benefit of these pads is the weight when compared to conventional pads, with one pad weighing under 450g (standard men’s size). This dramatic reduction in weight allows for faster footwork when positioning for shots and of course a faster pace between the wickets,” Jajodia said.

Dhoni has been in an excellent form in the ODI series in the Island nation. He scored 3 consecutive decent knocks on the trot. It can’t be commented whether the pads made the difference or not. If they indeed are responsible for the rejuvenation of the 36-year-old, the Indian fans would want him to stick with the conventional pads to see him play for longer.

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MS Dhoni

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