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IPL 2019: David Warner saves himself from being Mankaded by Ashwin, Watch Video

IPL 2019: David Warner Saves Himself From Being Mankaded by Ashwin
David Warner

Ravichandran Ashwin and his Mankad have been in the news more than any other thing in IPL 2019. Ever since he Mankaded Jos Buttler, it has become a topic for debate for the cricketing fraternity. The cricket fans have been divided over the legality of the dismissal.

After that, Krunal Pandya, of Mumbai Indians, has threatened to inflict that dismissal on a couple of occasions. Although he didn’t actually remove the bails, he warned the batsmen at the non-striker’s end to remain inside the crease by enacting the dismissal.

One thing that Buttler’s dismissal has done is that the batsmen are more concerned now about remaining in the crease. And when Ravichandran Ashwin is bowling, the batsmen are being extra cautious.

In the 22nd match of the season between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Mohali, David Warner showed he was aware of Ashwin’s intentions of Mankading. When the off-spinner bowled the 7th over of the innings, Vijay Shankar was facing at the striker’s end. Warner was standing at the other end.

Fearing Mankad, Warner uses excessively cautiousness against R Ashwin

When Ashwin came into his run-up, Warner took one step forward but then suddenly, realized it was Ashwin with the ball. He immediately turned back and made sure his bat was well inside the crease. However, the bowler showed no intention to run him out this time.

Shankar flicked the ball towards deep mid-wicket for an easy single. When the replay was on, it made for hilarious viewing. Ashwin, after running Buttler out, may not attempt that dismissal again. But he has surely put this in the mind of the batsmen to remain inside until the ball is delivered.

Watch the video of the incident here.

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