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IPL 2019: Chaos at the Eden, Karthik gets into a heated argument with the umpires

IPL 2019: Choas at eden Karthik gets into a heated argument with umpires

Kolkata Knight Riders were taking on Kings XI Punjab at the Eden Gardens in the 6th game of the IPL 2019. During the batting of KXIP, the players and the on-field umpires were engaged in a battle of words. There was confusion among the crowd as well as the commentators about what actually happened.

Dinesh Karthik, the captain of KKR, was involved in a heated argument with the umpires. He was seemingly unhappy about something. Even the opposition skipper Ravichandran Ashwin got off his seat and was animated. For a few minutes, the game was halted and no one seemed to know the resolution.

Here’s what actually happened

During KKR bowler, Prasidh Krishna’s over, the two batsmen in the middle were jogging across to take a run. They had completed the run and were in no mood to think of another one. Robin Uthappa, the fielder who picked up the ball at covers, casually lobbed the ball towards Andre Russell at mid-on. It was by no means a throw but a routine lob to his fellow fielder who would the pass on the ball to the bowler for the next delivery.

But Russell, while trying to collect the ball, had a floodlight in his eye-line. He completely lost sight of the ball and ducked to defend himself. The ball, however, ran away from him and trickled past the boundary. The umpires signaled it an overthrow and 4 runs were added to KXIP’s score.

Karthik wasn’t pleased with the call and immediately rushed to the umpire. He had all the right to argue as Uthappa wasn’t attempting to run the batsman out. It was Russell’s bad luck that he couldn’t collect the routine lob. But unfortunately, the umpires couldn’t revert their decision and 4 extra runs remained added to the score.

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