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Year in Review: Cricadium’s Best Test XI of 2018

Cricadium's Test XI of 2018
Cricadium's Test XI of 2018
Cricadium's Test XI of 2018
Cricadium’s Test XI of 2018

The year 2018 didn’t have a single ICC event in men’s cricket. However, it was a sheer treat for those who love the longest format of the game. There were some intense battles in the whites and some memorable victories, home and away. As the year comes to an end, we have compiled the list of best performers for Cricadium’s Best Test XI of 2018.

There were many who challenged to be a part of the best XI. Many players from around the cricketing world were fantastic throughout the year. Cricadium has picked the best XI that stood above the rest.

Presenting Cricadium’s Best Test XI of 2018

#1 Tom Latham

Tom Latham

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