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Watch: MS Dhoni gets furious over Kedar Jadhav’s mistake

MS Dhoni, known for his calm demeanor, hardly ever loses his cool on a cricket field. But one such incident happened in the first ODI between India and Australia in Chennai where the 36-year-old was seen expressing his anger. MS Dhoni gets furious over Kedar Jadhav’s mistake

The incident happened in the first innings when MS Dhoni was batting alongside Kedar Jadhav. Dhoni dabbed the second delivery of the 22nd over off the bowling of Marcus Stoinis and set off for a single. But his partner Jadhav was indulged in following the ball and didn’t notice the call.

Dhoni ran halfway down the pitch and suddenly found that the non-striker hadn’t moved an inch. Hilton Cartwright, fielding at cover, picked up the ball and had a shy at the striker’s end. Fortunately for India, he didn’t hit the target otherwise the batsman would have been miles short of his crease

As there was no one to backup, it resulted in an overthrow and the batsmen at the crease switched ends by taking a single. But Dhoni wasn’t impressed with Jadhav’s lack of awareness and gave him a furious look. It was a pretty rare sight on a cricket field of the right-hander showing his emotions.

India were struggling at 86/4 and Dhoni’s wicket at that stage would have put India into a situation from where it would have been very difficult to recover. The anger of the senior partner seemed to have got to Jadhav as he lost his wicket on the very next ball as a pull shot went straight into the hands of the mid-wicket fielder.

The Ranchi-born lad though remained unperturbed and didn’t let the pressure get to him. He scored 79 runs and alongside Hardik Pandya took the hosts to a substantial 281 at the end of the 50 overs. India went on to win the match by 26 runs by DLS method.

Watch the video here

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