Virender Sehwag reminds Kohli of Tendulkar’s advice

Team India made a mockery of Australia by winning the ODI series 4-1. But it wasn’t the best series personally for the skipper Virat Kohli. Although he scored 92 in the 2nd game, yet other scores of 0, 28, 21 and 39 made it a below-par outing as per his standards. Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag reckons it was Kohli’s intent to play towards third-man a lot that led to his downfall a couple of times.

“If you observe his batting techniques in the recently concluded series, Kohli played most of the balls towards third-man region, which he did not play so often previously. There must be a reason for the shot selection and only he will be able to tell about it. But, I think Kohli should have converted his innings of 92 in the second ODI at Eden Gardens into a century as he got dismissed while playing the ball towards third-man,” Sehwag told¬†India TV.

“Every batsman goes through a rough patch and it is completely normal. In the last series against Sri Lanka, he scored quite a lot of runs and this is where the law of averages comes into play. And hopefully in the coming series against New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Kohli will score runs and convert them to centuries as well,” he added.

Single not that important

The Indian captain has had a history of being involved in run outs. He has a knack of looking for close singles and a few times, it brings either his or his partner’s wicket in danger. The same happened in the 2nd games in Bengaluru when Rohit Sharma got run out at the non-striker’s end owing to a confusion with Kohli. Virender Sehwag recalled Sachin Tendulkar’s advice of not losing the wicket for just a single.

“Tendulkar emphasised time and again that you should not give away your wicket for a single. Your wicket is so precious and can’t just waste it in search of that single, that one run holds no value,” Sehwag said.


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