Do you know who gave Virat Kohli the nickname Cheeku?

Virat Kohli is known as Cheeku
Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the poster boy of not just Indian cricket but the game around the cricketing world. Over the last few years, the Indian captain has been knocking down records for fun. The right-hander is certainly at the peak of his powers currently and only seems to be getting better with each outing on the 22-yards.

There are plenty of fun-facts associated with Virat Kohli. One of them is that he is nicknamed as Cheeku. You must have heard India’s former captain, MS Dhoni, calling him with the nickname from behind the stumps on many occasions. But do you know how Virat earned the nickname Cheeku?

The story goes back to his young days of cricket. When Virat was a teenager, he found out that he was losing hair. The thought worried him and he decided to take a step to avoid that. The young man went to the barber and got his hair cut very short in length.

When he came to the field next, his state coach Ajit Chaudhary called him Cheeku because of the long ears. There used to be a comic in India in the 90s that went by the name “Champak”. As per the coach, Virat’s face that time resembled a character named Cheeku, the rabbit, from the comics.

Dhoni popularized Virat Kohli Nickname Cheeku

That’s how he earned the nickname and it became popular amongst other cricketers around him. But that’s not how the world came to know about it. The Delhi-lad went on to become a prominent member of the Indian cricket team in the coming years. He played under the captaincy of MS Dhoni who is famous for his antics with the words from behind the stumps.

Dhoni, on a few occasions, used him as a part-time bowler. The wicketkeeper referred to him with the Virat Kohli Nickname Cheeku and through the stump mic, it went to every household of the country. From then on, Virat is known by the nickname. Virat had admitted that when the fans meet him, they tease him by using the nickname.


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