Shubman Gill Retires Hurt Due to Mumbai Heat in World Cup 2023 Semi-Final Clash Against New Zealand

Heat Takes Toll on Shubman Gill as Star Batter Retires Hurt in World Cup 2023 Semi-Final
Heat Takes Toll on Shubman Gill as Star Batter Retires Hurt in World Cup 2023 Semi-Final. Image Source: Team India Instagram

Team India were dealt with a huge blow in the World Cup 2023 Semi FInal encounter against New Zealand when their star batter Shubman Gill walked out from the field after being retired hurt, owing to the Mumbai heat.

Earlier, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma’s decision to bat first in the World Cup 2023 Semi-Final proved successful as Team India started with a blistering pace, scoring 71 runs in the first 8 overs. However, Rohit Sharma’s dismissal by Tim Southee didn’t halt the run flow, with Shubman Gill and Virat Kohli continuing the onslaught.

Shubman Gill shone with a powerful innings, reaching a fifty and putting New Zealand on the back foot. His partnership with Virat Kohli raises hopes for a formidable total for Team India. However, the Mumbai heat began to take its toll on the players’ fitness.

Impact of Mumbai Heat

In a surprising development, on the 4th ball of the 23rd over, Shubman Gill decided to retire hurt, walking off the field after scoring a remarkable 79 off 65 deliveries. The scorching Mumbai heat becomes a significant factor, affecting Gill’s fitness.

The challenging Mumbai weather proves to be a formidable opponent, causing discomfort to players on the field. The physio attends to Gill, and India hopes for a swift recovery, considering his pivotal role in the match. The absence of a cooling breeze exacerbates the heat-related challenges.

Cricketing Regulations in Play

As per MCC Law 25.4.2, a batter is entitled to resume their innings if they retire due to illness, injury, or any unavoidable cause. Shubman Gill, having retired hurt, retains the option to rejoin the game once he regains fitness. The Mumbai heat adds an unpredictable element to the outcome.

With Shubman Gill temporarily out of play, the responsibility falls on Virat Kohli and the incoming batter, Shreyas Iyer, to steer Team India forward. Gill’s ability to return to the crease will depend on his recovery, and Team India anticipates his crucial comeback.

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