Shreyas Iyer Hails Rohit Sharma’s Leadership as India Secures World Cup Final Spot

Shreyas Iyer Applauds Rohit Sharma's Fearless Leadership Amidst India's World Cup Success
Shreyas Iyer Applauds Rohit Sharma's Fearless Leadership Amidst India's World Cup Success

After India‘s sensational victory against New Zealand in the World Cup semi-final, centurion Shreyas Iyer lauded the fearless leadership of captain Rohit Sharma, highlighting the pivotal role Sharma plays in setting the foundation for a big score.

Praise for Rohit Sharma’s Fearless Captaincy

In an interview following his match-winning century on November 15, Shreyas Iyer acknowledged Rohit Sharma‘s impact on the team, stating, “Rohit bats fast in the initial overs and creates the basis of a big score. Rohit Sharma is a fearless captain. You can also see it in their body language. And its effect can be seen on other players as well.”

Iyer revealed how Rohit Sharma’s guidance and support helped him regain focus during a challenging phase in the tournament. “I didn’t start well in the World Cup. Rohit forbade me to pay attention to the discussions going on outside. And continue to support me fully. The captain asked me to just concentrate on my game. You get nervous under pressure but when you get the support of many people, your courage increases,” Iyer added.

Insights into Team Bonding Activities

The conversation also shed light on the team’s bonding activities, including an internal fashion show held in Dharamshala. Rohit Sharma had earlier mentioned the activities aimed at fostering team unity. Iyer shared his experience, mentioning that he won in the outfit category, while the ramp walk was triumphed by Shardul Thakur.

Reflecting on his performance in the World Cup, Shreyas Iyer acknowledged facing criticism initially for not converting starts into substantial scores. However, he responded to the critics with exceptional performances, hitting consistent 50+ scores in the subsequent matches and achieving back-to-back centuries.

Anger Fueling Resurgence

Expressing his emotions regarding the criticism faced, Iyer revealed, “Inside, I was very angry, I was not showing it but I knew my time would come and then I’d prove myself. And it has come now, at the right time.”

Iyer’s resilience and comeback from injury setbacks showcased his determination, marking a significant contribution to India’s successful campaign in the World Cup.

Shreyas Iyer’s appreciation for Rohit Sharma‘s leadership and his resurgence after initial struggles underscore the cohesive spirit and determination of Team India as they march into the World Cup final with confidence and resilience.

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