PM Modi writes a letter to BCCI urging Team India to contribute to Swachh Bharat

India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched a campaign for the cleanliness of the country in the name of “Swachh Bharat”. He has found the support of the citizens as well as several big names in the country. Many Bollywood stars have also come out in support of a cleaner India.

PM now has written a letter to BCCI to support the cause. The cricketers in India have a huge fan following and if they support the movement, it will inspire many countrymen to contribute. As the birthday of the Father of the Nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ approaches, he has urged the board and the players to spread the awareness of cleanliness.

PM Modi wrote,”I am writing to you on a subject that is very close to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart – Swachhata or cleanliness.”

“In the coming days, we will commemorate Gandhi Jayanti. An inspiration to billions across generations and borders. Mahatma Gandhi recognised that our attitude towards cleanliness also reflects our attitude towards society. Bapu believed in achieving cleanliness through community participation.”

He continued, “A clean India is the most noble service we can do for the poor, downtrodden and the marginalised. Unclean surroundings adversely impact the weaker sections of the society even more.”

“The game of cricket has won a number of accolades worldwide. As the CEO of BCCI and with a sea of experience in media industry, you have the opportunity to use the game that unites India to contribute to cleanliness initiative and help build a sustained mass movement for the same.”

“I personally invite you to lend your support to the Swacchata hi Seva movement and dedicate some time for cause of a swachh bharat. Your participation will further inspire others to be part of the movement. You can share your experience with me on the Narendra Modi app,” he concluded.

Rahul Johri, the CEO of BCCI posted an image of the letter on Twitter. He mentioned it was a privilege to receive the letter from the PM and he is ready to contribute to the campaign.


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