Ollie Pope talks about his change in technique after Hyderabad masterclass

England’s Ollie Pope emerged as a standout performer in the first Test against India, contributing significantly to his team’s victory with a remarkable innings of 196 runs in the second innings. His stellar performance has drawn attention not only for its impact on the match but also for the changes he made in his batting technique for this series.

Reflecting on his outstanding knock, Pope revealed that he has been working on his game and has tailored his technique specifically for the conditions in India. Following shoulder surgery, Pope had ample time to prepare for this series, allowing him to make adjustments to his batting approach since England’s last tour to India three years ago.

“I’ve tinkered throughout my career so far, I’ve changed my technique slightly for this series specifically. I had shoulder surgery, so I’ve had a long time to prepare for this series and make some adjustments to what I produced the last time we were here three years ago. I’ve worked hard on my game and tried to tailor my technique for these conditions,” Pope explained to ESPNcricinfo.

Pope’s innings not only showcased his technical adjustments but also his tactical acumen in dealing with the Indian bowlers. He emphasized the importance of covering his inside edge and applying pressure on the bowlers with aggressive shot-making, including sweeps and reverse sweeps. He noted that the key to success in these conditions lies in playing positively rather than solely relying on defensive strokes.

“It was about covering my inside edge and trying to put some pressure back on the bowlers as well with the sweeps and reverse sweeps… The guys we are facing are very skilled bowlers. You can pretty much know where each ball is going to land, and if you try to defend each ball, there’s probably more chance to get out than if you play a cross-batted shot,” Pope elaborated.

Pope admitted that he did not find his rhythm immediately but adjusted his approach to suit the conditions. His adaptability and willingness to innovate underlined his maturity as a batsman, earning him accolades for his performance.

As England looks forward to the remaining matches of the series, Pope’s masterclass in Hyderabad has set a high standard for his team. His ability to adapt to challenging conditions and deliver under pressure will be crucial for England‘s success as they aim to maintain their momentum against India.

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