Watch: MS Dhoni turned DRS into a Dhoni Review System

MS Dhoni is a master of the game of cricket and his understanding of the sport is unmatched. He is not like the other wicketkeepers in the world who get excited about every little thing that happens. He is certain about the proceedings and when he appeals, more often than not, the batsman is out.

In the 4th ODI between Sri Lanka and India in Colombo, not just one but two incidents happened when Dhoni’s appeals came when the batsmen were out. The umpires refused on both occasions but Dhoni’s certainty converted both into dismissals by using the Decision Review System (DRS) perfectly.

In the 3rd over of Sri Lanka’s innings, India’s debutant pacer bowled one down the leg side to which Niroshan Dickwella gloved back and the catch was taken cleanly by MS Dhoni. The bowler and the wicketkeeper burst into an appeal but the umpire refused and signaled a wide.

Dhoni was captured saying on the stump mic, “Aawaz aaya hai” meaning “There was a sound”. Virat Kohli immediately turned to the umpire to use the DRS. The replays clearly showed that there was a deflection and the decision was overturned as Thakur bagged his maiden wicket in international cricket.

Another incident occurred in the 8th over when the other opener Dilshan Munaweera edged one off Jasprit Bumrah down the leg side that landed in Dhoni’s gloves. Once again, the appeal was declined by the umpire. Once more, Dhoni was sure about the edge and advised the skipper Kohli to go upstairs. The decision was overturned as well, as there was a clear evidence of the inside edge.

That was not the first time that the wicketkeeper was pin point accurate. Whenever there is an appeal, Kohli always turns to the former Indian captain for advice and he is very rarely disappointed.

Here are the 2 videos of Dhoni’s accuracy


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