Megan Schutt Set for 200th International Game, Reflects on Career Milestone

Megan Schutt, the Australian pace bowler, is on the verge of achieving a significant milestone as she prepares to play her 200th international match. Ahead of Australia’s upcoming one-day series against South Africa, Schutt expressed her excitement and gratitude for reaching this milestone, especially as it will take place at her beloved Adelaide Oval.

Reflecting on her journey, Schutt admitted that she never expected to play even a single game for Australia, let alone reach 200 matches. She described the achievement as “pretty darn cool” and highlighted the special significance of having the milestone game at Adelaide Oval.

As one of the few Australian women to reach 200 internationals across formats, Schutt expressed her love for the game despite its challenges. She acknowledged the game’s inherent unpredictability and the constant strive for improvement, particularly as a fast bowler in a format dominated by batters.

“I love the game,” she said. “It’s a stupid game and there’s so much more failure than success but I just love it. I love the people that are involved in it, and it’s a game that keeps evolving as well. I keep striving to be better. Being a fast bowler in a batter’s game is quite tough but I kind of like the challenge.

“It makes you feel a bit old, to be honest,” Schutt, the 31-year-old quick, told reporters on Friday. “Game one, I didn’t even expect to play that in my lifetime. So to get to 200 is pretty darn cool and having it at Adelaide Oval is fate in itself and extremely special.”

While Schutt acknowledged the physical demands of the game, especially as she gets older, she remains committed to her fitness and expressed her willingness to continue playing as long as her body allows and Cricket Australia supports her.

Looking back on her career, Schutt cited Australia’s 2020 World Cup T20 triumph as a defining moment. She recalled the electrifying atmosphere at the MCG with 86,000 spectators, a moment she considers life-changing and one that she will always cherish.

As she approaches this significant milestone, Schutt’s dedication and passion for the game are evident, reflecting her remarkable journey in international cricket.

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