Mayank Agarwal Hospitalised After Suspected Poisoning Incident; FIR Filed, Investigation Underway

Mayank Agarwal’s Health Crisis Leads to FIR

Mayank Agarwal, the esteemed captain of the Karnataka cricket team, found himself in the midst of a health crisis when he experienced severe discomfort after consuming water from a pouch placed before his seat on a flight bound for Delhi. As his condition rapidly deteriorated, Agarwal was promptly rushed to the ICU of ILS Hospital in Agartala for urgent medical attention.

Manager’s Formal Complaint and FIR

Expressing grave concerns over the incident, Agarwal’s manager lodged a formal complaint with the police, alleging that the cricketer had ingested a ‘poisonous liquid’ during the flight.

Confirming the development, Kiran Kumar, SP West Tripura, stated, “Mayank Agarwal, an international cricket player is now stable and his vitals are normal. But his manager has lodged a specific complaint under NCCPS (New Capital Complex Police Station) to investigate the matter.”

Providing further insights into the investigation, Kumar elaborated on the circumstances surrounding the incident, revealing, “His manager said that when he was sitting in the airplane, there was a pouch in front of him. He drank a little bit and not much, but suddenly there was irritation in his mouth, and suddenly he couldn’t talk also and was brought to ILS hospital.”

Health Secretary’s Assurance and Agarwal’s Travel Plans

State Health Secretary Kiran Gitte assured that Agarwal would receive the best available medical treatment in Agartala before returning to his hometown in Bengaluru on January 31. Gitte emphasised, “Police has admitted his complaint and we will investigate as to what happened. As per his manager, he will travel to Bengaluru tomorrow and meanwhile, whatever best treatment is available in Agartala, we will provide him.”

Agarwal’s unexpected hospitalisation has forced him to withdraw from Karnataka’s upcoming match against Railways in Surat. The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) remains in close contact with Agarwal and will determine the appropriate course of action in consultation with medical professionals.

Wishes for Mayank Agarwal’s Recovery

As the investigation unfolds and Agarwal receives medical care, the cricketing community rallies behind the beloved cricketer, offering prayers and support for his swift recovery and return to the field.

The filing of an FIR in connection with Mayank Agarwal’s suspected poisoning incident underscores the seriousness of the situation, prompting a thorough investigation into the matter. As authorities delve into the circumstances surrounding Agarwal’s health scare, the priority remains ensuring his well-being and providing him with the necessary care and support during this challenging time.

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