Kuldeep Yadav feels he is lucky to be playing with MS Dhoni

Kuldeep Yadav and MS Dhoni
Kuldeep Yadav and MS Dhoni

India’s chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav possesses a pretty unique style of bowling. In all the games he has played so far, the opposition batsmen have found it difficult to solve his mystery. What makes it difficult to judge him is the very little change in the action while delivering the different types of deliveries.

The chinaman, the googlies, the flippers are all bowled with similar actions and hence he is always a wicket-taker. However, Kuldeep Yadav feels there is one batsman who judges his bowling very well and it’s none other than MS Dhoni. The fact that Dhoni has the best seat in the house to analyze Kuldeep’s bowling makes it easier for him to understand the variations.

So much to learn from Dhoni

The 22-year-old feels privileged to be sharing the dressing room with the Indian maestro and said Dhoni’s influence is massive for a young spinner like him.

“There is no word to describe MS Dhoni’s influence on a young bowler like me. If you interact with him, like I have been doing for last six months, there is obviously so much to learn from him. I keep talking to him about my bowling. When I am playing for the team, then also I keep talking to him,” said Kuldeep Yadav in an interview with Xtratime.

“There is no one better than him to judge you because he is watching from behind the wicket and he keeps telling me what I need to. I feel very proud that I am playing with him and very lucky that I could be playing in his 300th game. As spinners play more games, they keep on improving,” he added.

“In the last six months, I have learnt a lot from bowling in international matches, for example, how to overcome pressure especially when you have better batsmen over a period of time and so. You can only learn this by playing more matches,” said the chinaman bowler.


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