Irfan Pathan Envisions Fans Flocking to Watch MS Dhoni, Wishes for a Glorious Retirement

The Indian fans are all excited about the IPL 2024. All of them are all set to support their team again. In the IPL 2023, MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings lifted their fifth title in this tournament. After the conclusion of the season, a lot of buzz was going over Dhoni’s participation in IPL 2024. While talking about Dhoni’s participation in the upcoming edition of IPL, former Indian player Irfan Pathan shared his view. 

Dhoni’s Supremacy in IPL:

In the history of the IPL, MS Dhoni was the first player to be purchased. Chennai Super Kings didn’t lose the chance to have the icon in their team. Since then, MS Dhoni has become an asset for them. Under his captaincy, Chennai Super Kings won five titles. The last one came in 2023. Under his guidance, players from across the globe shaped their careers.

After winning the last IPL title, MS Dhoni had knee surgery. After that, his participation in the upcoming edition of the IPl was questionable. A lot of buzz was created over that matter. But at some point, Dhoni talked about his further participation in the tournament and giving the best for the franchise. 

Irfan Pathan’s Words:

Former Indian player Irfan Pathan expressed his belief that fans would eagerly fill stadiums to watch MS Dhoni play, even if he were to compete on just one leg. The former cricketer expressed hope that whenever Dhoni decides to retire, he does so on a positive note, leaving behind a legacy of success and excellence.

Pathan said, “Definitely not (on whether IPL 2024 would be Dhoni’s last season). I had met him about a month ago. He had long hair, he is growing his hair. He is going back to the old times and looking supremely fit. For a guy who is past 40 and still so fit, I really hope for his sake, for his franchise’s sake, and for the fans’ sake he continues to play.”

Later he added, “Even if Mahendra Singh Dhoni plays on one leg, people would still like to see him play. If this is his last season, I really want him to go on a high. He will never go out of IPL. He will never go out of CSK. CSK is Dhoni. Dhoni is CSK. There’s no difference.”

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