Indian Auctioneer Mallika Sagar Likely to Replace Hugh Edmeades at IPL 2024 Auction

Hugh Edmeades, who took over as the official auctioneer for the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2018, is set to step down from his role. Edmeades gained prominence in the cricketing world during the IPL 2022 mega auction when he collapsed on stage due to poor health. Despite the setback, he returned the next day but is now reportedly being replaced for the IPL 2024 auction.

Mallika Sagar: A Potential Successor

Mallika Sagar, a seasoned auctioneer and the first woman to hold such a role at Christie’s, is likely to replace Edmeades at the IPL 2024 auction. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has reportedly informed Edmeades about the change, with Sagar being approached to take over the auction proceedings in Dubai on December 19. However, as of now, Sagar has not confirmed her participation.

Mallika Sagar, an auctioneer at Pundole’s in Mumbai, has a rich history in the auctioneering profession. Notably, she became the first auctioneer of Indian origin and the first woman in that role at Christie’s. Sagar previously oversaw the auction of the Women’s Premier League earlier this year and is set to lead the WPL 2024 auction on December 9 in Mumbai.

Hugh Edmeades’ Legacy 

Hugh Edmeades, with 38 years of affiliation with the prestigious Christie’s, entered the cricketing scene as the IPL auctioneer in 2018. Despite conducting over 2500 auctions in various domains, the IPL marked a unique venture into cricket for Edmeades. The iconic moment in IPL 2022, when he collapsed on stage, brought attention to the challenges faced by individuals in high-pressure roles.

As the IPL gears up for its 2024 auction, the potential transition from Edmeades to Mallika Sagar adds a new chapter to the league’s history. The choice of an Indian auctioneer with a remarkable track record signifies the evolving dynamics of cricket auctions on the global stage.

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