Don’t undervalue the experience that MS Dhoni brings: Adam Gilchrist

MS Dhoni has been under the scanner for the past couple of years due to his decline in form and many believe he should move on to give youngsters a chance in the team. But former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist believes that the Ranchi-lad is still pretty valuable to the Indian team.

Gilchrist reckons that team India benefits from just his sheer presence and sometimes people underestimate the experience and calmness he brings to the side.

“I think they (Indian team) probably benefit more than they know by his (Dhoni) experience and him just being around. I wonder whether people around undervalue his experience and calmness that MS brings to the change room,” Gilchrist told PTI in an interaction at the sidelines of ‘Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes’.

Dhoni can bat anywhere

There have been several arguments over Dhoni’s batting position in ODI cricket. He has batted mostly at 6 or 7 in his entire career but of late, he has batted at No.5 more often than not. The Aussie feels he is good enough to bat at any position between 3 and 7.

“I think he (Dhoni) is so versatile that he could possibly play anywhere between Nos 3 to 7 and still have an impact. So, this Indian team is full of options and flexibility and MS just adds to that as he has throughout his career,” he added.

Gilchrist also went on to say that it’s difficult to replace MS Dhoni in the side and that the Indian keeper will make the right decision and his experience is invaluable.

“It’s also the case of whether someone is around the corner to replace MS, who can add more value than he can. I can’t answer that as I don’t know. I know there are some real exciting keeper-batsmen around but I don’t know whether they can add more value than MS. The World Cup is still 18 months away and a lot can happen between that,” he said.

“I believe that MS will make the right decision for Indian cricket. There is plenty of time but don’t undervalue the experience that he brings,” he concluded.


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