CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam and 7 Ways to Prepare for It

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a globally recognized credential in the IT industry. It is a professional-level certificate intended for the IT specialists who have active networking experience of at least 9 months. The candidates should be provided with training and education needed to begin a successful career in the field of networking administration.

The CompTIA Network+ certification can only be obtained after passing the N10-007 exam. With a few useful tips from PrepAway, learning for this test can be easier, and the students can pass this exam at the first attempt.

Familiarize yourself with N10-007 exam domains

When preparing for the Networking test, the first thing to do is to know the exam domains. Have a full list of them, which you can find at the official website. Next, gather proper study materials that suit your unique study needs. According to the experts, you should start with the areas that you consider most challenging. When you have mastered the challenging concepts, it will set the pace and tone for the other domains, and you will find them simpler to study. Don’t go to the next domain before you have fully mastered the first one. Many concepts are likely to overlap as you continue with your study, and this will speed up the whole study process.

Useful exam preparation tips

The CompTIA Network+ certification validates that an IT professional has the knowledge of both wired and wireless networking. This is considered as a highly ranked credential, but it is not easy to obtain. Follow these preparation tips for your success in the N10-007 exam.

  1. Prepare a study plan

To cover all the CompTIA N10-007 certification exam domains in a systematic way, you need to create a good study plan. It should be realistic. When creating one, you should also take into account your work obligations and family responsibilities. It is always tempting to procrastinate and to even skip certain topics. In other words, following yourblueprint strictly can be a challenge for most candidates. However, it is important that you commit to your study plan if you want to benefit from it fully. There is no need to have a good plan and fail to follow it.

  1. Take a pre-assessment certification exam

Before you start your learning for this CompTIA certification exam, you need to take a pre-assessment test to determine your current knowledge and level of understanding. Doing so will help you identify your weak areas so that you can allocate more time and resources for them. Besides, this information also helps you save a great deal of time by simply skipping those topics that you have a good understanding on.

  1. Allocate enough revision time

Irrespective of how tight your schedule is, give your study a priority and allocate enough time for revision. Otherwise, you will not have ample time to prepare adequately for the exam. According to most PrepAway instructors, the candidates should allocate at least one month for their study. If your schedule is busy, then you can allocate three months to prepare for the N10-007 test. You need to spend a great deal of time on your exam preparation exercises until you are confident that you have covered and mastered all the concepts.

  1. Use proper preparation materials

There are plenty of CompTIA Network+ certification exam preparation books, guides, practice tests, braindumps, blogs, and forums. However, not all of them contain the right information. Besides, some of them involve the valid information but not comprehensive enough to help you understand theexam concepts in detail. Before you start using any material, find out whether it is a good one. PrepAway is among the most highly regarded platforms for your effective exam preparation.

  1. Have breaks

Due to the fact that the CompTIA N10-007 certification exam is not an easy test to pass and that it requires thorough preparation, you might find yourself immersed completely into your studies and forget that your brain needs to have a rest. This is one of the biggest exam preparation mistakes that many candidates do. To get the most out of your study, have breaks in between your studies and also make sure you have plenty of rest. Your brain works more effectively if you give it a break from time to time.

  1. Take practice tests

Practice tests are great means of gauging your general understanding of the material. When you have studied the exam content and you want to know how good you have understood it, just take a practice test, and the marks you get will show you whether you still need to study harder or you are good to go. The marks for practice tests reflect what you are most likely to score when you sit for the actual exam. PrepAway provides a simulation of CompTIA N10-007, and this allows the candidate to take the practice test in an exam or study mode. The main goal of the simulation offered to you is to strengthen your general understanding of the process.

  1. Join a Network+ online community

Join an active forum where the professionals and candidates share their certification ideas and experiences with the rest of the community with an aim of reinforcing each other’s knowledge. When you perform just a simple Google search, you will find a long list of Network+ forums, personal websites, and wikis where the community helps with issues related to Network+ certification exam preparation. Before joining any group, you should first verify its credibility. You should also check the source of every piece of information you get from the forum members.


We do hope that these exam preparation tips help you prepare adequately for your CompTIA N10-007 certification test. You can also do more research and find out more information regarding preparation tools. We wish you good luck!

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