When Cricket Was Stopped Due To Bizarre Reasons

When Cricket Was Stopped Due To Bizarre Reasons
When Cricket Was Stopped Due To Bizarre Reasons

We are going through a tough time. A pandemic forced the cricket world to take a break. This happened last time in World War II when the entire world was kept on a pause. Apart from these, there were not many incidents that caused disruption in cricket. But there were definitely some bizarre moments that temporarily stopped a cricket match.


When a German fighter plane headed towards the home of cricket during World War II, the play was stopped between Army and RAF at the Lord’s. The players laid down on the ground and spectators were asked to recede under the stands. Later it was learned from Wisden that it was the “first flying-bomb to menace Lord’s during the progress of the match.” The bomb finally dropped to Regent’s park according to Wisden


It was during a Ranji Trophy match at the Palam Air Force Ground in 2017. Delhi was playing against Uttar Pradesh and the featured players of Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma, Rishabh Pant and Suresh Raina. On the 3rd day of the game, a car drove onto the field despite all security. A gate of the stadium was directly connected to the main road. The designated personnel weren’t at the post and the car ran into the ground escaping the security. It even circled the pitch twice before the officials quickly took necessary action. Later the offender was handed over to the police.

Solar Eclipse

It was the special test match between India and England, arranged in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BCCI in 1980. But the second day coincided with a total solar eclipse and the scheduled rest day was brought forward. England thrashed India to win the match by 10 wickets. Ian Botham single-handedly won the match by his all-around performance

Tiger (?)

A spectator spotted a ‘tiger’ and match was stopped between Hampshire and South Wells at Rose Bowl Nursery Ground in 2011. A concerned member raised an alarm and it was believed that an escaped white tiger was hiding near Hedge End. Players rushed back to safety and officers went to investigate along with a helicopter. Later it was found out to be a toy tiger and play resumed after twenty minutes.


In 2007, when the players of Lancashire and Kent came back after lunch on the last day a commotion started and fire alarms went off. The fire brigade arrived in no time and two fire engines rushed to the ground. It was surreal because there was rain prediction earlier. All were waiting for a shocking sight of the pavilion when finally the reason was revealed. It was unreal and funny. The overcooking of a certain dish by few amateur cooks was the sole reason for thick smoke and fire alarms.


During 2017-18 Sheffield Shield at Brisbane with 18 runs required by New South Wales for a victory against Queensland and the fire alarm in the stadium went off. The fire trucks arrived promptly and finally found out a burnt toast to be the reason behind the chaos. Nathan Lyon overcooked his toast so much that the smoke caused the fire alarms to go off.


During a Castle Cup match in 1994-95 Daryll Cullinan hit Roger Telemachus for a six over mid-wicket, and the ball fell into a pan of fried calamari. Yes, you read it right! It took around ten minutes for the ball to cool down and the play was stopped for that time being. It took time for the umpires to remove the grease and seafood from the leather. Later even Telemachus found it difficult to grip the greasy ball. Wisden reported, ‘Fried calamari stopped play.’

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Written by Shreyasi Talukdar


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