Virat’s 12th Tattoo, A Geometric Flower, Bloom’s Spirituality

Virat's 12th Tattoo: A Geometric Flower Symbolizing Spirituality
source virat kohli instagram

Virat Kohli is known for his batting techniques. He is the run machine of world cricket. He is known for his brilliant cricket talents. Everybody knows how passionate he is about cricket. But there is also another thing that Virat loves genuinely. That is a tattoo. Yes, Virat has a deep attraction toward tattoos. It is often seen several tattoos over his body. Previously he had eleven tattoos. In recent times, he got his twelfth tattoo on his right arm. But what is special about this tattoo?

Meaning of that tattoo:

Virat’s most recent tattoo is a Geometric Flower design. It signifies a “Powerful reminder of his spiritual journey.” it was created by Devendra Palav and designed by Sunny Bhanushali. It took 12 hours to create the tattoo.

Virat got his tattoo from Aliens Studio a few months back. The owner of this place revealed the whole scenario. He said, Virat to the studio with artwork on his phone. But then because of his busy schedule, he could not get it done. After some days he contacted them again.

The owner said, Virat wanted to cover his old tattoos so he decided to get a new one. He wanted his new tattoo would reflect his spirituality, something that would represent the interconnectedness of all things and the source of creation itself, something which depicts higher ones and oneness, the structure of life.   

Bhanushali added this tattoo was ‘carefully crafted’ for over seven days. He said,” The metatron cube is believed to be a sacred geometric symbol that contains all the shapes and patterns in the universe. The septagon represents perfection, harmony, and balance. The geometrical flower symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things, and the cubic pattern is a symbol of stability and structure.”

Other tattoos and meanings:

As everyone knows, Kohli has eleven more tattoos. Here are the meanings of them. Tribal art is the first one that Virat inked on his right forearm. It symbolizes aggression. Virat has a firm belief in Lord Shiva. So he inked Lord Shiva meditating on Mount Kailash with Lake Mansarovar. Scorpio is the third one, it is his zodiac sign. The parent’s role is the most important thing in anyone’s career and life. Virat was not an exception. He inked his parents me. 

He tattooed his ODI and Test cap. 175 and 269 numbers can be seen in his tattoos. He has a monastery tattoo on his left shoulder. It symbolizes peace and power. He also has a Japanese Samurai tattoo. It speaks about seven important virtues. Kohli has a God’s eye tattoo on his shoulder. It represents the almighty. ‘OM’ the religious symbol is one of his tattoos. After that, he got the geometric flower design.

The twelfth tattoo of Virat has been done in two parts. The first half was done in six hours in Mumbai and the second half was done in Bangalore for eight hours. After the end of the whole session, Virat was happy and satisfied with the work of the artist.

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