Top 10 Beautiful Wives Of The Football Players

Have you ever wondered who the life partners of your favorite soccer players are? I did! After digging around a bit, I was quite surprised as to who they married. Instead of keeping the information to myself (not like they are secrets though) and save you your precious time on research, below is the result of my research.

Antonella Roccuzzo- Lionel Messi’s wife  

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo have spent 10 years in love. They have 2 sons Thiago (5 years) and Mateo (2 years old) and are experiencing a happy life together in the city of Barcelona (Spain).

When he was only 20 years old, Leo secretly dated with the shadow of Roccuzzo. In 2009, Messi made his first public relationship with his girlfriend during the Sitges festival after the derby between Barca and Espanyol.

  • Abigail Clancy-Peter Crouch’s wife

Abigail Clancy-Peter Crouch’s wife


Already 32 years old, again the mother of 3 children but it’s hard to find the perfect moments of Abbey Clancy. Her supermodel proves she deserves to be a model of a strong wife, a beautiful wife of millions of gentlemen when she is “good at water and housework”, and is able to preserve the blemishes after three births.

Having a beautiful wife like Abbey Clancy, you can’t blame Peter Crouch for not taking his eyes off his wife and go with his wife everywhere.

  • Ilary Blasi – Francesco Totti’s wife

Ilary Blasi - Francesco Totti’s wife

The “Prince” of Rome, Francesco Totti not only had a great career playing soccer, but also “scored” off the field when he owned an angel-like wife, Ilary Blasi.

In 2005, Totti had “broken” young women’s hearts in Italy when officially settled with the beautiful model Ilary Blasi. When Totti was 29 years old and one of the hot boys in the Serie A team, but not wasting time, the “prince” of Rome was quick to bring Blasi to his palace after a short time dating.

The couple quickly completed the family “obligation” when “there was a glitch”. The son Christian (in 2005) and daughter Chanel (in 2007) were born, creating one of the happiest families of Italian football.

  • Sara Carbonero – Iker Casillas’s wife

Sara Carbonero - Iker Casillas’s wife

The name Iker Casillas was so familiar to world football fans when Spain was crowned Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010, and recently defended the European championship in Ukraine – Poland. With Real Madrid, this goalkeeper is a monument in team history.

There is plenty of popularity, but Casillas is considered a model of calm, benign and less scandalous in and out of the pitch, except for the “night flight” with … some long legs. The beautiful people through the 33-year-old goalkeeper of “white vultures” may be no less, but the most prominent ones are former Miss Spain Eva Gonzalez, supermodel Ariadne Artiles and beauty Ana Medinabeitia. Casillas’ love affairs always get much attention of the public because the girls next to him all have perfect bodies with an impressive beauty.

Not from the catwalk, but Carbonero’s beauty even ate the old lovers of Casillas with ideal height, beautiful Latin face and dreamy eyes. She was voted “the sexiest reporter in the world” by the US magazine FHM. Graduated from Complutense University of Journalism in Madrid in 2005, the young reporter Carbonero was tested in major sports newspapers, before joining Telecinco, a major television channel in Spain. It is also the opportunity to help Carbonero come to work at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and then with Casillas to create the best moment of the biggest football festival on the planet.

  • Georgina Dorsett – Tom Cleverley’s wife

Georgina Dorsett - Tom Cleverley’s wife

Everton midfielder’s wife owns a beautiful face and a hot body with perfect curves that are difficult to have, a model career cannot be more wonderful in England.

Despite being a mother, the attractiveness of Georgina Dorsett still shows no signs of decline, lucrative contracts with famous fashion brands always give favor to this supermodel.

  • Ilaria D’Amico – Gianluigi Buffon’s wife

Ilaria D’Amico - Gianluigi Buffon’s wife

Dubbed the “sex bomb” of Italy, sports MC Ilaria D’Amico made the deadly goalkeeper Buffon so tired that he abandoned his wife, Queen Alena Seredova.

Although “spiders” share the breakup stemming from a married life, there are many conflicts. However, many sources confirmed the main reason was that the former Italian captain was “drunk” by the fiery MC of Sky Sports TV – Ilaria D’Amico.

Both contacted each other through interviews and developed feelings. Although four years older than Buffon.

  • Melissa Satta – Kevin-Prince Boateng’s wife

Melissa Satta - Kevin-Prince Boateng’s wife

Despite turning 37, Kevin Prince-Boateng’s fiancee is still a supermodel of an extremely expensive brand. Beginning as a model since 2002, Melissa is highly praised of her charismatic body. 

Melissa was so hot – it was no wonder Kevin-Prince Boateng could not hold himself to the sexual whirlwind and continued to have physical and injury problems. 

  • Shakira – Gerard Pique’s wife

Shakira - Gerard Pique’s wife

She is a famous singer in the world, singing at age 13 with more than 70 million albums sold. In 2014, Shakia reached the top as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes magazine. The 41-year-old singer has a brilliant career with 3 Grammys and numerous other big and small awards.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was the match for the couple, when Pique was training with the team in Madrid and Shakia performed sniffing Waka Waka in an event. And Pique asked Shakia about the weather to make excuses to engage in a conversation.

  • Federica Nargi  – Alessandro Matri’s wife

Federica Nargi  - Alessandro Matri’s wife

Federica Nargi is 26 years old. She is a famous model in Italy, one of the most coveted WAGs of pasta.

Federica Nargi – used to win Miss Rome in 2007. Owing to 1.76m height and three fiery rings, Nargi is a famous and very expensive model of advertising in his hometown. 

  • Ana Ivanovic – Bastian Schweinsteiger’s wife

Ana Ivanovic - Bastian Schweinsteiger’s wife

The ‘poet’ of tennis – Ana Ivanovic and her husband, midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger are truly one of the most perfect athlete couple. Ana Ivanovic started competing in professional tennis tournament since the age of 16, and has won many cups ever since. There was a short interval when she remained low-profile but overall her tennis career has been quite amazing. I dare say no one would ever comment she is just a trophy wife.

Wrapping up

Were you surprised by who they married? I apologise if your favorite soccer players are not up there. It is quite difficult to cover everyone in a single article, so stay tuned for the next article and your idol will be covered next.


What do you think?

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