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RR Owner Shares Important Information, IPL 2020 Might Be A Curtailed League

RR Owner Shares Important Information, IPL 2020 Might Be A Curtailed League

Rajasthan Royals co-owner Manoj Badale said that there is still a possibility of a shortened IPL 2020. According to his information, this year’s edition might be staged without crowd due to corona outbreak globally.

Future of IPL 2020

The start of the IPL 2020 was already postponed to the middle of April in the wake of the COVID-19. Some news suggested that the Indian Premier League might travel abroad if it is held in the latter part of the year. Some suggested that it would be help between July and September and the BCCI would try to adjust the schedule based on the international cricket calendar. Some also feared that the league might get cancelled this year. Meanwhile, the government called for a 21-day lockdown which would be over on April 14. The BCCI announced April 15 as the new date of the beginning of the IPL 2020. There were restrictions imposed on foreign passports till mid-April. Some states denied to host any IPL match in this situation.

As per the present situation, there is no official news from the Indian board yet. But at the same time, the future of the league looks pretty uncertain as the number of Corona affected is increasing in India and the world day by day.

Badale explains

Interesting Rajasthan Royals co-owner Manoj Badale shared a positive news with BBC 5 Live. He explained, “If the way of ensuring the cricket economy survives is by playing behind closed doors, so be it.” He went on to add ” Personally I can’t see it happening until much later in the year. We have had a number of calls as owners with the BCCI to talk about what those plans might be, but it is clearly going to be postponed and it is unclear at this stage whether or not it takes place later this year.”

According to Badale the owners have no issue with a shortened tournament as the tournament itself is important. He opined that it meaning for the event organizers and the broadcasters to participate in the league. The whole game, to him is important even for some of the best players in the world. He informed, “The cricket calendar is so packed. There are very few gaps especially for a seven-week tournament, so I suspect even if a gap can be found, it would have to be a shorter tournament.”

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