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Pujara Taking Lessons From His Cricket Career To Stay At Home

Pujara Taking Lessons From His Cricket Career To Stay At Home
Image Source: Cheteshwar Pujara Instagram

Cheteshwar Pujara is emphasizing on the importance of staying at home during the lockdown period. He mentioned how his cricketing aspects are helping him to deal with the situation at present.

Pujara suggests staying home

In an interaction with Times of India, Pujara explained how he is dealing with this tough time to beat the COVID-19. He said, “During the lockdown, the most important thing is to make sure that you are at home. Everyone should understand the danger and stay indoors, though it can be frustrating. But this is like a battle that we are fighting. Those qualities of patience and discipline do come in handy.” Pujara who was one of the celebrities to have a video call with the Prime Minister Modi last week further explained, “The qualities I have as a cricketer are helping me deal with this period effectively. I have that mental strength. So it does help.”

Pujara, who is otherwise obsessed with the game chooses to stay away from the game now. He explained, “At times, you need to stay away from the game. Fortunately, this has come at the end of the season. Once the Ranji Trophy ended, I was supposed to take a break for a week or two. This has been longer than that. We don’t know when the game will restart. So we are in a tough situation. But if we look at the problems other people are facing, then we can’t really think about the game. The virus is so dangerous that we have to fight this together. It is like a war. We have to make sure everything becomes normal first. And then we can think about the game.”

Pujara waiting for County

Pujara was set to play County this season but England Cricket Board had to postpone that too for the sake of public health. While Pujara understands the need of the hour he hopes for a better scenario in the next few months. “I am sure things will be under control in a few months’ time. Then, we can think about county cricket and everything else. Every major sporting event has been affected. Even if the county season doesn’t happen, one shouldn’t worry much because human lives are more important than any sport.”

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Written by Shreyasi Talukdar


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