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Prithvi Shaw’s Suspension Helped Him Learn A Lesson

Prithvi Shaw's Suspension Helped Him Learn A Lesson
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Prithvi Shaw does not think that he got carried away after getting the initial fame. In an interview with Times of India, he also mentioned how he has become more careful than ever regarding taking medicines.

Shaw on his career

Prithvi Shaw was identified as one of the upcoming stars of Indian cricket. His Under-19 World Cup venture and then the Test debut gave him the much-needed exposure in the beginning of his cricket career. But post that amid injuries and ban, he failed to carry on with the impression he gave. Some think that he got carried but himself does not echo the thought. “Yes, winning the U-19 WC and then hitting a century on my Test debut were really big moments for me, but I don’t think I got carried away,” Prithvi Shaw told The Times of India.

He was asked about the suspension and injuries that took a good amount of time from his career. He said, “Some things like the doping ban were within my control, but things like the unfortunate ankle injury were not in my control. I have realised that I cannot keep 100% people happy all the time.” The young lad is ready to take the positive criticism wholeheartedly and keen to respond to all of them with the bat.

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Shaw on suspension

Shaw was handed a back-dated suspension of eight months from the board. He was tested during a Syed Mushtaq Ali match in February. The report suggested that he had “inadvertently ingested a prohibited substance, which can be commonly found in cough syrups”. Speaking about the same, Shaw explained, “Even if you take a small medicine, you must get it approved with your doctor or the BCCI doctors. It’s better to ask the doctors about the banned substances and take necessary precautions so that you don’t get into trouble. Like in my case, I had a cough syrup which I didn’t know was a banned substance.”

He admitted that the episode helped him learn a lesson. Now he consults the BCCI doctors even before taking a basic medicine. “I have learnt a lesson from this and will not repeat it. Even if I am having a basic medicine, I run that through the BCCI doctors to ensure that there are no banned substances in it. Time away from cricket was a difficult period for me. It was a torture. It should not happen to anyone.”

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