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Kohli is Rhodes’ current favourite

Virat Kohli is Jonty Rhodes’ current favourite as compared to Steve Smith

The comparison between Virat Kohli and Steve Smith seems to be a never-ending one. While these two have already become living legends, experts have their opinions on the comparison. Jonty Rhodes, the former South African expressed his views on the same and picked Kohli over Smith as the best batsman in world cricket right now.

“Kohli right now”

Rhodes in an interview with Indian Express opined that Virat Kohli makes him enjoy cricket. He said, “I enjoy watching Virat Kohli. Steve Smith, with that action and technique, makes the ugliest hundreds I have ever seen but the man just keeps scoring runs.Someone who likes to watch cricket would want to say ‘Wow! What an amazing shot’ as opposed to ‘Oh! How on earth can he hit that?’ So Virat Kohli right now.”

On Jadeja and Bumrah

One of the best fielders of all time, Rhodes was also asked about his favourite fielder from the current lot. He mentioned about India’s Ravindra Jadeja but his vote went to New Zealand opener Martin Guptill. “Jadeja doesn’t get enough cricket time. Guptill is playing every game. Guptill is great in the slips, great in the covers, great in the boundaries. He is a great all-round fielder, Jadeja has got the X factor. There are really good fielders out there but Guptill for me stands out.”

After the washout of the first game, India will face South Africa in the second T20I encounter in Mohali on Wednesday. The game will see the battle of pace attacks from Jasprit Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada respectively. Rhodes was asked about these two as well but he was reluctant to compare them and left it on the situation in hand. “It depends on what you want to do. If you want to knock people down at the start of the game then Rabada, but if you are looking to defend, then Bumrah as he is a specialist.”

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