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KL Rahul reveals about his Equation with Hardik Pandya post Koffe With Karan Controversy

KL Rahul reveals about his Equation with Hardik post Koffee With Karan Controversy

The massacre post the Koffee with Karan episode made life tough for both KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya. But both of them appeared to be better players and matured human beings after that incident. KL Rahul talked about the same in an interview to the Times of India. He shared how difficult the phase was but at the same time, it was a learning one.

The story

His appearance along with Hardik Pandya at the famous talk show hosted by Karan Johar created a massive backlash on social media. Their statements were criticized, they faced suspension but once everything settled, KL learnt from the whole issue and moved on.

Speaking about the same with TOI he said, “I won’t lie. I was bitter for a bit; it affected and bothered me a lot. I was angry, but I came out of it all as a more accepting person. I understood that certain things are sensitive, and no matter what you do, certain people will find the bad in you.”

Rahul mentioned how he realized the necessity of focusing more on cricket. He said that everything eventually helped him to be more focused on his profession as he doesn’t know anything else but playing cricket. “I need to focus more on cricket, spend more time in the gym, on the field — practising and training. It made me more focused on my profession and what I really need to do. As I told you before, cricket is the only thing I am good at and there’s nothing else I can do to survive, so I need to give it all I have,” he further added.

Equation with Hardik Pandya

Speaking about his equation with Hardik, Rahul explained how the situation became difficult for both initially. But then they accepted the situation and moved on. He insisted on the fact that Hardik is still a good friend of him. “We learnt from the situation, accepted it, and now we are back to being good friends. We literally spend 300 days together… travelling and playing cricket. Hardik is still a good friend and we enjoy each other’s company,” Rahul said.

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