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How does Virat Kohli Analyse a Bowler? Mayank Agarwal finds out

Virat Kohli, one of the contemporary greats opened up in a recent conversation with Mayank Agarwal where he revealed how he looks at a bowler. Kohli gave an insight into his batting mind and said explained how to not focus on fears.

Virat Kohli opens up with Mayank Agarwal

No wonder the current Indian cricket captain is one of the all-time greats and definitely one of the best in the modern era. His number speaks his ability across the formats- 7240 runs in 86 Tests with 27 centuries and 22 half-centuries; 11867 runs in 248 ODI matches with 43 centuries; 2794 runs in 82 matches. The leading run-scorer in T20I cricket is also the only international player to average over 50 in all three formats. While he is often compared to contemporary greats like Steve Smith, a lot of experts compare Virat Kohli to Sachin Tendulkar.

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Virat Kohli does not only score runs, he wins matches. Moreover, his love for chasing is extraordinary. His flawless strokes show his confidence. In a recent chat, Open Nets with Mayank, Indian cricketer Mayank Agarwal asked his skipper about his mindset. Mayank Agarwal specifically asked how Virat Kohli prepares himself for a match.

Virat Kohli explains

Virat Kohli explained, “I analyse everything about the bowler. If he had bowled a certain kind of delivery what was his body language at that time, was something different from his run-up or something was different with his wrist. Is he holding the ball in a different way? I have done that many times.” The Indian skipper added that it gives an amazing feeling to smash a delivery out of the park. “And that’s a very amazing feeling when the bowler bowls where you had thought and then you smash it out of the park. Also for that, you need to be aware of what might he bring.”

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But he has a suggestion too. He opined, “When you are too focused on your fears you cannot notice anything you are just worried about ‘out nhi hona’. But when you are ready the fear goes away and you think how can I make the use of what best in front of me to come on top in this situation,” he added.

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