Has Jasprit Bumrah changed his action after coming back from injury?

Jasprit Bumrah's Altered Bowling Action Post-Injury: A Closer Look
Jasprit Bumrah's Altered Bowling Action Post-Injury: A Closer Look (Source: Jasprit Bumrah Official Twitter)

After an absence of nearly 11 months from the international cricket scene due to injury, Jasprit Bumrah is back with a rejuvenated spirit and a revamped bowling action. The ace pacer’s dedication and hard work during his time away from the game have paid off, as he steps onto the field once again to play a pivotal role in India’s pursuit of glory in the upcoming Asia Cup and ODI World Cup. Bumrah’s recent performance against Ireland in the first T20I showcased his return, and cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting his resurgence to full form.

Bumrah’s Revamped Action for Enhanced Effectiveness

Jasprit Bumrah’s triumphant return has not just marked his comeback to the international arena but also his adaptation of a new bowling action. The pacer has undertaken a significant overhaul in his technique, especially in his run-up, aiming to enhance his effectiveness and ensure long-term injury prevention. Prior to his injury-induced hiatus, keen observers would have noted Bumrah’s distinct seven-step approach before delivering his signature thunderbolts.

In the first T20I against Ireland, Bumrah exhibited a slightly altered approach, as he increased his run-up by a noticeable 2-3 strides. This adjustment not only provides him with additional momentum-building time but also allows his legs to be a potent force multiplier. Moreover, the remodelled run-up is accompanied by a slightly extended follow-through after the release of the ball, contributing to reduced pressure on his back post-delivery.

Analysing the Evolution of Bumrah’s Action

A well-informed source from the National Cricket Academy (NCA) commented on Bumrah’s evolution, comparing his bowling action pre- and post-injury. The source likened Bumrah’s former style to that of a fighter jet, where the pacer would generate remarkable speed and power despite a shorter run-up. However, the recent changes in his approach involve a more extended run-up, meticulously designed to alleviate stress on his back and reduce the risk of future injuries.

With his revamped action, Jasprit Bumrah is poised to navigate the rigours of fast bowling more efficiently and sustainably. The marginally longer run-up not only aids in building momentum but also mitigates the strain on his body. Experts suggest that this adjustment could significantly contribute to curbing injuries in the future, ultimately ensuring Bumrah’s availability and excellence on the field for years to come.

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