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“Focus on him a lot more when he is doing good,” says Rohit Sharma

Focus on him a lot more when he is doing good, says Rohit on Pant.

Rishabh Pant must be happy the way he is getting supports from seniors and colleagues amid a number of criticisms. India’s stand-in captain Rohit Sharma now backed this young member of this team just before the final match of the ongoing series. Sharma said that people should focus on his good things too.

Sharma’s request for all

On the eve of the third T20I against Bangladesh, Rohit Sharma urged critics to “leave him alone”. In last match, a third umpire ruling went against India as Pant was in front of the stumps while dislodging the balls. On the same line, Sharma said, “You know there is a lot of talk happening about Rishabh Pant every day, every minute. I just feel that he needs to be allowed to do what he wants to do on the field. I would request everyone to keep their eyes away from Rishabh Pant for a while.”

He further applauded the youngster for his courage and said, “He is a fearless cricketer and we (team management) want him to have that freedom. And if you guys take your eyes off him for some time, it will allow him to perform even better.”

The focus should on good things

According to the skipper, at such tender age when he is trying to make a mark in international cricket the way he is being judged not fair. “He is a young guy, 22, trying to make his mark in international cricket. Every move he makes on the field, people start talking about him. It is not fair. I think we should allow him to play his cricket which actually he also wants to do.”

The senior one sounded irritated and suggested all focus on Pant’s good things. “Focus on him a lot more when he is doing good things also, not just bad things. He has been learning, there have been times he has kept well also. He is trying to do what the team management wants him to do.”

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TAS 5d-345 & 4-244(136.0 & 66.5)
SA 6d-490 & 5d-191(124.0 & 30.0)

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide


First-Class 23:30 PM 11 November 2019
QLD 183 & 7-206(75.0 & 81.3)
VIC 9d-300(111.5)

MCG, Melbourne


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BAN 3-47(21.4)
IND 0-0(0)

Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore


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THU 0-0(0)

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STA 0-0(0)
STR 0-0(0)

Centennial Park Oval, Nuriootpa


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HEA 0-0(0)
THU 0-0(0)

Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne


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