End of an Era: Virat Kohli and Longtime Manager Bunty Sajdeh Part Ways Amidst World Cup Exit

Virat Kohli Announces Split with Cornerstone; Set to Launch Own Venture Amidst 2023 World Cup Fallout
Virat Kohli Announces Split with Cornerstone; Set to Launch Own Venture Amidst 2023 World Cup Fallout (Image Source: Twitter)

As the 2023 World Cup concludes, the cricketing fraternity is abuzz with unexpected news – Virat Kohli and his longtime manager, Bunty Sajdeh, have officially parted ways. While the reasons for the split remain undisclosed, industry insiders reveal that Kohli is set to launch his own company shortly, currently in the registration process.

End of a Successful Partnership

The Kohli-Sajdeh partnership was one of the longest and most successful associations in Indian cricket. Over the years, Cornerstone, founded by Bunty Sajdeh, played a pivotal role in managing Kohli’s commercial interests, brand value, and off-field presence. The duo shared a close bond, with Sajdeh not just serving as Kohli’s manager but also his confidante.

Cornerstone, over the years, faced criticism for allegedly prioritizing Kohli’s interests over other athletes associated with the agency. The company witnessed the departure of cricketers like Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Ajinkya Rahane, and Shubman Gill, among others, who felt overshadowed by the focus on Kohli. Despite the departures, Cornerstone continues to represent star athletes like PV Sindhu, Sania Mirza, Umesh Yadav, and others.

Kohli’s New Chapter and Industry Whispers

The split comes as Kohli plans to venture into a new chapter with his own company, marking a significant shift in his off-field management. Industry insiders reveal whispers of Cornerstone facing criticism for allegedly favouring Kohli’s interests at the expense of other athletes on their roster. Kohli’s individual endeavours, including lucrative deals with top companies, have been a hallmark of his career off the field.

As the cricketing world processes this unexpected development, the legacy of the Kohli-Sajdeh partnership remains etched in the annals of Indian cricket history. The forthcoming launch of Kohli’s own venture adds an intriguing chapter to his off-field journey, leaving fans and the cricketing community eager to witness the next phase of one of cricket’s most iconic figures.

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