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Dhoni and Kohli Can’t Sacrifice Their Reputations For Match-Fixing

Dhoni and Kohli Can't Sacrifice Their Reputations For Match-Fixing

The match-fixing allegations in the Tamil Nadu Premier League yet again shook Indian cricket. While the necessary actions are being taken, the chief of the Anti-Corruption Unit of BCCI, Ajit Singh has advised the youth to stay away from any such case.

The back story

According to a report on Indian Express a few days back, some bookies and match-fixers had taken control of one of the TNPL teams through an illegal deal. The players had been approached through WhatsApp and they eventually had informed the ACU about the same. The chief told ANI, “Actually, there was a WhatsApp message that was sent by some unknown people and then the players approached the ACU. It can be anyone but we are sure that there is no international player involved.”

The report stated that a first-class cricketer and a current coach were ready to follow the instructions of the bookies. Another player allegedly labelled ‘dubious’ is a regular face in the high profile Indian Premier League (IPL) and apparently influenced others to fix games before the start of this edition of TNPL.

The chief says

While the investigations are on, Ajit Singh made it a point that the fixers never try the same with senior and big players like Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Their target is youngsters who are not yet successful and hence, they should be more careful about such things. He opined, “If you ask me, today’s star players can lose more than they get from being involved in the case. Just think, if players like Virat Kohli or Dhoni are involved in it If it happens, then it will not only be a matter of money, but his name and status will also be at stake. He cannot sacrifice his name for such things. He is big. ”

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