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Bangar talks about working with Kohli, Dhawan, and Pujara

Bangar talks about working with Kohli, Dhawan, and Pujara
Image Source: Sanjay Bangar Instagram

Sanjay Bangar has been recently replaced by Vikram Rathour in the Indian cricket team as the batting coach. He is the only unfortunate one in the previous coaching staff who failed to extend her tenure. Sanjay Bangar recently shared his experiences with Times of India where he talked about various topics during his job.

On Kohli

The main reason of Sanjay Bangar failing to continue to his role was the inability to find a perfect number 4 batsman for the team. This did make an impact in ICC World Cup 2019 which saw the management trying out the different line-up and eventually failing to deliver. Bangar had to leave the team but he recently talked about different players he worked with during his period of working. Regarding the skipper, Bangar said that he worked on the alignment and position on the crease along with Kohli. Bangar said, “Virat always looks to iron out deficiencies. We worked on his alignments, positioning on the crease, his approach in seaming conditions. With Rohit, we worked on his head position to overcome problems against incoming deliveries from right/left arm angles.”

On Dhawan and Pujara

Then he talked about the Gabbar of the Indian cricket team, Shikhar Dhawan and the dependable batsman, Cheteshwar Pujara. While with Shikhar he worked on his stance that helped him to get a different type of shots, with Pujara it was about reducing the width of the stance. “Shikhar was initially considered to be an off-side player, he used to stay beside the line of the ball. We worked on how he could get behind the line and open up scoring areas and overcome his dismissals against the short ball. In Pujara’s case, we worked on reducing the width of his stance and being more upright. It is to their credit that they worked to unlearn old methods,” he added.

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