Australian Cricket Community Hosts a Testimonial Lunch in Their Effort to Support Former Cricketer Greg Chappell With His Dire Financial Needs

Australian Cricket Community Helps Greg Chappell with his Financial Hardship
Australian Cricket Community Helps Greg Chappell with his Financial Hardship. Image Source: Twitter/X

Greg Chappell, former Australian cricketer is a renowned figure in Australian Cricket who has represented the country in both Tests and ODIs. He held the world record for most catches in Test cricket, and made a significant contribution in the country’s cricket repo. After his retirement, he has indulged in various business interests and other professions with becoming a member of the Australian Cricket Board as a Coach as well. 

Currently facing financial strifes

Currently, the retired cricketer is in the phase of financial hardship after he did not even have the opportunity for a fundraising testimonial event at the end of his career like many of the other cricket figures. While speaking about the strife he is facing, Greg acknowledged that while people assume that retired cricketers live a luxurious life after they stop playing the sport, this is not the case for every former player out there. 

He remarked “I certainly don’t want it to sound like we’re in desperate straits, because we’re not- but we’re not living in luxury either. I think most people assume that because we played cricket we all are living in the lap of luxury. While I am certainly not crying out poor, we’re not reaping in the benefits that today’s players are.”

An effort to show empathy

On their way to support Greg Chappell in his hardship, the Australian Cricket Community hosted a testimonial lunch at the MCG which was attended by famous Australian personalities like Ion Chappell, Trevor Chappell and Eddie McGuire. A GoFundMe page was created for receiving funds for helping out Greg with his dire financial needs. The campaign has already raised an amount of $ 72,000 signifying the community’s respect and admiration for Greg Chappell. 

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