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Adaptation is the key to CSK’s success at home

Adaptation is the key to Chennai Super Kings success at home
Image Source: Suresh Raina Instagram

Indian cricketer and Chennai Super Kings star Suresh Raina finally revealed an interesting thing about the team. He was asked about the team’s incredible statistics at home and Raina shared his idea of the same.

CSK’s astonishing record at home

It is difficult to beat Chennai Super Kings (CSK) at their home ground. The win percentage of the team in Chennai is around 67 which is astonishing. Chidambaram Stadium is for the reason knows as ‘Lion’s den’. Any fixture scheduled at Chidambaram and the fans can easily predict the winners. But what is the reason? Why is it so difficult to beat CSK in Chennai? Home conditions work for all team, domestic or international. But this kind of record is pretty rare.

What Raina believes

Suresh Raina on the occasion of the health fair ‘Arogym’ organized by Navbharat Times was speaking at the India Habitat Centre. He was asked to share his insight on the same issue. Raina said this is because his team gives more time to adapt themselves according to the weather before any match at the home ground. He told, ‘Since Chennai has a humid summer, we eat curd-rice.” He further added how drinking water also helped them to keep hydrated and thus fit for the game. “Drink plenty of water before the match to avoid dehydration. In this way, the entire team is not only mentally but physically 100 percent prepared, while the guest teams are unable to prepare themselves according to the weather and get tired quickly.”

Raina gave fitness tips to the crowds gathered during the session in Arogyam. He explained how it is important to find options to stay away from mobile for some time. One also needs to take some time out and feel one’s breath. He asked all to start meditating as that can relieve stress by calming oneself.

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First-Class 00:00 AM 11 November 2019
TAS 5d-345 & 7-287(136.0 & 81.1)
SA 6d-490 & 5d-191(124.0 & 30.0)

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide


Test 1st Test 04:00 AM 14 November 2019
BAN 3-67(28.2)
IND 0-0(0)

Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore


First-Class 23:30 PM 11 November 2019
QLD 183 & 7-270(75.0 & 98.0)
VIC 9d-300(111.5)

MCG, Melbourne


T20 Intl 1st T20I 13:30 PM 14 November 2019
WI 0-0(0)
AFG 0-0(0)

Ekana International Cricket Stadium, Lucknow


3 Day Match Tour Match 02:30 AM 15 November 2019
PAK 0-0(0)
CXI 0-0(0)

WACA Ground, Perth


T20 Match 33 08:10 AM 15 November 2019
SIX 0-0(0)
THU 0-0(0)

Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne


T20 Match 35 03:00 AM 16 November 2019
STA 0-0(0)
STR 0-0(0)

Centennial Park Oval, Nuriootpa


T20 Match 34 08:10 AM 16 November 2019
HEA 0-0(0)
THU 0-0(0)

Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne


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